Women Fashion Trends in India and Foreign Countries

India, a country known for its diverse cultures and religious beliefs, has a wide range of dress codes. Most of the modern fashion apparels are closely influenced by the western styles. However, the traditional and ethnic dresses of different states are still popularly worn by the women of India. The dress codes of different states in the country vary according to the state and religion.

The dressing styles of both men and women change according to the cultural boundaries. Sarees are known to the typical Indian wear apart from Salwar kameez. The Indian sarees are renowned all over the world for its ethereal and sensuous appearance. The Indian sarees are made available in a huge range of styles, designs and materials. The Kanchipuram sarees of south India are known to be the most elegant varieties of sarees worn by women in the country. Apart from Kanchipuram, there are Banarasi silk sarees which are also elegant and exquisite in appearance.

Different types of salwar kameez are also worn by the women in India. The styles and designs of salwar kameez vary according to the cultural differences and states.

The dress codes and fashion accessories in India are entirely different from the foreign countries. However, majority of the Indians are influenced by the western outfits and styles. Today most of the women love to wear stylish outfits. Cocktail gowns, party gowns, formal suits, frocks, jeans and elegant tunics, suits, sleeveless dresses and so forth are some of the most common types of western outfits which are worn by women in India too.

The outfits worn by women in foreign countries depend on the climatic conditions of the regions. However, sarees are also worn by women in foreign countries as this exemplary Indian outfit is known to attract the love and attention of millions around the world.

Although the dressing styles may vary enormously in both the eastern and western countries, modern lifestyles have altered the dressing sense of people all around the world. Today most of the women love to wear comfortable clothes to work places and western clothes are considered to be the most comfortable clothes. Moreover, it exudes a professional appearance.

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