Know What Computer Hardware Parts Are Important

The physical components which are attached to the computers are known as computer hardware. As it is enclosed in a steel covering, it can seldom be viewed by the users. Computer hardware is available in different models and varieties. There are many companies that manufacture computers such as DELL, HP, Sony, Acer, LG and so forth.

Hardware is quiet essential for the smooth functioning of computers. The most important computer hardware parts include motherboard, CPU and RAM. There are various other devices which support the functions of the computers such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and storage devices.

Types of Computer Hardware and Its Specifications

The most important hardware part of a computer is the CPU or the Central Processing Unit which acts as the brain of the computer. The RAM or the Random Access Memory is the unit which stores the information used by the CPU on the computer. However, this information is erased when the computer is switched off.

Every computer has one or more than one storage drives or disk drives that store data. The hard disk drive stores information on the hard disk and it has the capacity to hold large amount of information. The hard disk which is located inside the system holds all the files and programs.

Most of the computers are equipped with CD and DVD drives. It can be used to play music, watch movies, read and write files.

Mouse is a small device which is mainly used to select or point items on the screen. These devices are found in different varieties and it can be bought from online stores.

Keyboard: Another important hardware component in a computer is the keyboard which is mainly used to type text in the computer. It has letter and number keys which can be used to type text. However, it also includes other types of keys such as navigation keys, function keys and numeric keypad.

Other important computer hardware components in a computer include monitor which is available in different sizes and configurations, printers, scanners, modem, speakers and so forth. Each and every component in a computer has its own specific functions and therefore every component is vital for a computer to operate smoothly.

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