Industrial Chemicals – A Snapshot of Its Important Uses

There are various types of industrial chemicals which are utilized for various purposes. Some of the most important and popularly used chemicals include phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium silicate, urea, aluminum sulphate, sodium carbonate, ammonium nitrate and potash.

All these industrial chemicals can be utilized for various purposes. Most of these industrial chemicals can be bought from online stores at various price rates.

Uses of Phosphoric acid: Phosphoric acid is basically a mineral acid which can be used for various purposes. It can be used to remove rust from the surfaces of metals. It can be applied directly onto the metals to prevent the formation of rust.

This industrial chemical is also used in the field of dentistry as it can be mixed with zinc powder to form zinc phosphate. Zinc phosphate is used in dental cement for dental procedures. It is also used in teeth whitening procedures as it helps to eliminate plaque. It is used for various industrial applications which range from metallurgy to food industry.

Uses of Sodium silicate: This alkaline solution is also known as liquid glass and it is soluble in water. The sodium silicate powder is a unique combination of water, metal oxide and silica. It is widely used in detergent and soap industry. It is used in chemical industries as an anti-rust agent, flame retardant and an emulsifier. This solution can be used in the food industry to preserve eggs. It can also be used to treat various types of wood as it prevents the attack of insects and other contaminants. Sodium silicate is used in water treatment plants as it helps to purify the water.

Uses of Sulphuric acid: It is one of the most corrosive liquid that is odorless, colorless and viscous. Sulfuric acid is highly reactive when it comes into contact with water. It should never be inhaled and ingested as it could prove to be fatal. It is used in agricultural fertilizers, dehydrating agents, lead-acid storage batteries and so forth.

Apart from these chemicals, there are various other types of industrial chemicals such as chromic acid, stearic acid, urea and potash which are mainly used for industrial and agricultural purposes.

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