Current Scenario of Apparel Industry in India

The apparel industry in India is one of the most flourishing industries among the other industries. The domestic apparel industry includes five segments which are the kid’s apparels, the men’s apparels, the women’s apparels, uniforms and unisex apparels. In the women’s wear category, the western wears has witnessed a huge demand in the past few years. Uniforms are among the most demanded products in the men’s segment. This industry is a capital intensive industry which requires all types of laborers such as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled laborers.

The Apparel Industry and its Challenges

Due to recession and slow down of the economy in the previous year, there has been a substantial decrease in the production and sales of apparels in the country. There are various institutes that train manpower for the manufacturing process of apparels. The industry requires skilled labor force for the production of apparels. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find skilled labor force in the country for the apparel industries. The government has taken various steps to improve the existing condition of the apparel industry.

Apparels are known to add value to the textiles and therefore it is important to produce more skilled laborers to increase the brand image of Indian apparels in the foreign markets. It is estimated that the apparel industry can grow in the coming years and create more job opportunities. With the abundance of labor and effective skill sets, it is possible to create some of the best apparels to increase the exports of apparels in the country.

However, the apparel industry has to face many challenges that prevent the growth of the industry in the country. High transaction costs, antique labor laws, high interest rates, illogical policies, poor infrastructural facilities and so forth are some of the most significant challenges faced by the apparel industries.

The government should adopt policies to revive the sector. Changes in labor laws, incentives for technological upgradation and so forth are some of the changes which can be initiated by the government to improve the status of the apparel industry in the country. Apparel exports can be multiplied by rationalizing government policies.

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