Various Platforms of Digital Media Advertising

Digital media advertising is one of the modern techniques of advertisements that facilitate the promotion of goods and services in the consumer markets. A marketing media which is displayed digitally is known as digital advertising. This advertising technology mainly exists on the internet, media devices and smart phones. Today most of the businesses and manufacturers use the digital advertising tools to market their goods and services to consumers. It also helps to maintain the brand image of the company.

Different Platforms

Websites or web based marketing: One of the platforms of digital media advertising is through the use of websites. These advertisements target the internet users while browsing through various websites. Today there are different techniques to attract the attention of consumers towards new product launches and the upgrade of existing products. Video advertisements, pop-up advertisements and so forth are some types of digital web based advertisements.

Electronic Bill boards: Electronic bill boards are another type of platform which is used for digital media advertisements. The advertisers can change the advertisements throughout the day through the use of electronic bill boards. This platform is cost effective and flexible as it can incorporate new designs and messages within a day or two.

Audio advertising: Another platform for digital advertising is through audio advertising. Consumers are targeted through internet radios, live digital radios and so forth.

Viral marketing: One of the most widely used platforms is the viral marketing form which uses online media and emails to spread advertising messages. Through this form of advertising media, information about products and services are spread far and wide within a network or social group of people quite easily. Digital media is quite easy to manipulate and capture which explains the reason for its widespread usage by most of the business entrepreneurs today. Digital portfolios are widely used to increase product awareness among prospective clients. Gone are the days when people use paper business cards during trade shows and events to promote their products.

Today DVD or CD-ROMs are used to view product details and information about companies. The popularity and usage of digital media advertising tools have increased manifold during the last few years.

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