Latest Launches in Automobile Industry in India

The demand for latest automobiles has constantly been on the rise in the Indian markets. Although various economic factors such as inflation and low demand for products have affected the Indian economy drastically for the past several months, the demand for automobiles have not diminished. This has resulted in the launch of various new automobiles in the country. There are a number of cars and bikes which are lined up for launch this year.

Latest Automobile Cars in India

Cheap Priced Latest Launched Automobiles

Latest Cars in India

Latest Automobiles

Hyundai i10: The all new Hyundai i10 is one of the latest automobiles to be launched in the country. This new automobile will be priced at a slightly higher rate than the existing i10 model. The engine will be more efficient than the existing version of Hyundai i10.

Datsun small car: After many decades, the Datsun car is being revived by the Nissan motors. This automobile will be made affordable with its new prices and excellent features. This automobile will be much smaller than the Micra but it will include ample space in the interior areas. Both petrol and diesel engines of this automobile will be made available. With a reasonable price rate, the Datsun small car is all set to capture the hearts of many people.

Ford Ecosport: This new compact SUV has all the hype that surrounded the Renault Duster last year. The Eco-sport will have three engine options which include two 1.5 liter engines-both petrol and diesel and the 1 liter boost engine.

Honda Amaze: The new Amaze is one of the most awaited automobiles of the year. It is a sedan version of Honda Brio but it offers much more in terms of efficiency and practicality. The Amaze is priced at an attractive rate with a 1.5 liter diesel engine. The Amaze which is launched in April has taken the streets by surprise with its elegance and performance.

Maruthi SUVs: Maruthi is popularly known for its small and compact cars so it is most likely that all the SUVs manufactured by the company would be compact in size.

Mercedes-Benz A-class: The most important launch of luxury cars this year is the new Mercedes- Benz A-class. It includes luxurious interiors with a range of engines.

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