Effects of Inflation on Indian B2B Industries

Inflation is the general rise in the prices of goods and services. It has affected economies all around the world and India is no exception. The Indian economy suffers from the curse of inflation and various sectors of the economy have suffered the brunt of rising prices.

The Indian B2B industries have been adversely affected due to the rise in prices. Some of the most affected sectors include the cement industry, automobile industry, oil and banking sectors. The B2B industries in the country include various companies as most of the businesses transactions are performed through online websites.

With the steady growth of technologies, majority of the people prefer to buy and sell goods and services through various online portals such as E-bay, Olx and Flip Kart. Apart from these online stores, there are various other websites which are utilized for b2b transactions and sales. High rate of inflation adds to the inefficiency of the markets. Companies are unable to plan for the future and engage in investments.

Both savings and investments are affected during high rate of inflation. As a result most of the companies are affected adversely as there is lesser demand for products and services. With the rise in prices for most of the commodities available through online stores, most people prefer not to buy from online stores. Products and services are no longer affordable due to the rise in prices.

The demand for products and services are adversely affected which in turn affects the services of the B2B portals. During inflationary price rises, the demand for automobiles, consumer durables and other commodities have fallen considerably which has affected many b2b industries in India.

Most of the b2b industries in India are inter-linked with one another and the fall in demand for one product can adversely affect the demand for other products too. The b2b marketers face various challenges apart from the rising prices. Therefore it is quite important to curb the inflation rates for better productivity and growth of the economy. The b2b sector in the Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace and occupies an important position in the global context.

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