Differences Between Solar Inverters and Home Inverters

Solar inverters are among the most widely used devices which help to convert Direct Current to Alternating Current in a photovoltaic array. It is used in most of the homes and offices these days as it is considered to be cost effective and eco-friendly in many ways. Home inverters are quite common in most countries which face constant power outages. These inverters function with the help of battery back-up power. Home inverters are used to power appliances such as fans, tube lights, TVs and so forth.

Solar Inverters Vs Home Inverters

Most of the home inverters include a set of batteries which function when there are power outages. These batteries are recharged when the power supply is restored. The type and the number of batteries used determine the power of the inverters. A large number of batteries are required to power all home appliances such as AC, television, fridge, fans, lights, water heaters and so forth. It can be quite expensive compared to the other types of inverters.

Solar inverters, on the other hand, seldom require any back up batteries as it is powered by solar energy. The power derived from this eco-friendly device depends on the size of the solar panels installed in homes and other areas. Large solar panels can be used as back up power sources for inverters and it can be used to supply power to various home appliances including AC, fridge, washing machines, solar heaters and so forth.

Inverters are available in a huge range of prices and sizes to suit various requirements. All types of inverters are sold in India as it includes huge demand due to power outages in cities and other areas. However, today more people are concerned about the global warming issues which have led to the popular usage of solar inverters.

Even small sized solar inverters can be used effectively to run fans, lights and other electrical appliances in homes. There are basically three types of solar inverters which include the stand alone, battery back up and grid-tie inverters. All these types of solar inverters can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

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