Most Important Components of Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is an indispensable part of a wedding celebration. In the earlier days, traditional methods were used to enhance the beauty of brides. Today however, modern lifestyles and environmental pollution can cause dullness of the skin. Professional bridal makeup artists offer their impeccable services in the field of wedding and engagement makeup. Majority of these services can be obtained in different packages through online stores at affordable price rates.

It is important to choose the right beauty packages for the perfect makeover on your special day. Daily exposure to the sun can cause tanning and the skin becomes dull. Different types of moisturizing face packs are available to enhance the beauty of the skin. Pedicure, manicure, facial massages and beauty packs, hair coloring and treatment are some of the most popular components of bridal makeup.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Different Components of Bridal Makeup

Some of the most renowned beauty parlors in the country offer bridal makeup packages which include different components.

Facial: One of the most vital components of wedding makeover includes facial treatments. Facial cleanup and application of bleach is quite important to achieve the desired radiance. There are various types of facials available today which vary according to the skin types. There are golden, fruit, diamond, pearl, silver and platinum facials at different price rates.

Mehendi art: Indian wedding celebration is incomplete without Mehendi art. There are different amazing forms of Mehendi which includes both Indian and Arabic forms on the hands and feet.

Body art: Some of the beauty parlors also offer body art as a part of wedding makeover. However, it is solely depended on the requisites of the customers.

Hair coloring: Hair washing and coloring is another part of wedding and engagement makeup. Today there are different types of hair washes and coloring techniques to obtain beautiful and glowing tresses.

Hair dressing: Bridal hair dressing in different attractive patterns is offered in all packages.

Body polishing: Some of the parlors offer herbal body polishing packs which provides flawless and shining skin.

Apart from these, bridal packages also include bridal body exfoliation, arms and back polishing, saree and wedding dress drape services.

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