Importance and Functions of a Xerox Machine

A Xerox machine is one of the most widely used office equipments that help to make copies quickly and efficiently. It increases the efficiency of an office with its functionality. It is mainly used to create duplicate copies of documents and forms. A technique known as Xerography is used to create copies. The technique includes a variety of dry electrical printing process.

How It Functions?

The document which is to be copied is placed on the surface of the printer. An electrostatic charge is distributed on the printer surface. The document which is to be copied is passed or scanned over by a moving lens or lights. The image copied is then projected onto the surface of the drum. A mixture of toner particles is included inside the drum which develops a charge of static electricity. The toner particles are attracted by the electrostatic charge which creates an image on the surface of the drum. A paper passes under the drum and an image is fixed on it when pressure and heat is applied. This device is known as a hot roll fuser.

Xerox Machines

A Xerox machine is so popular that it is synonymous with photocopies and the word is used widely for all types of photocopies and machines.

Photocopier machines are cost efficient and help to save money as it is possible to take large amount of duplicate copies at lesser price rates compared to the copies made by computer printers and printer machines.

In addition to printing duplicate copies, the photocopier machine can be used to create optical effects. It is possible to alternate black and white options in these machines. Zooming in and out is also possible with the help of these copier machines.

The earliest type of photocopier machine was known as Xerox 2400 as it could create 2400 duplicate copies in an hour. However, as time passed, the efficiency and performance rate of the machine increased manifold. The importance of this photocopier machine can seldom be overlooked as it is widely used all over the world in different aspects of life. It can be used for industrial purposes, office work, personal usage and so forth.

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