Various Mobile Operating Systems – Do You Know

Mobile operating system or Mobile OS is basically a software package, which includes data and programs that control the system and performance of a mobile, tablet PC and other handheld electronic products. Although it possesses similar capabilities to Windows, it uses a more advanced and standard technology. Today there are a vast variety of mobile operating systems made available to users. Even though there are various mobile OS available, only a few of them are popularly used by mobile phones.

Various Mobile Operating Systems

One of the most popular mobile OS is Android which was developed by Google Inc. It is offered as an open source OS and it is one of the most powerful mobile operating system which can be customized. Based on Linux Kernel, this mobile OS is used by many cellular phones such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and so forth. It can also be used for devices such as tablets, Net books, e-readers and Smartphones. It is made of different programming languages. As it is an open source, users can develop applications according to their requirements. It is quite popular among users as it is possible to multitask with Android which allows the user to run different applications at the same time. It has many unique and attractive features which enhances its versatility.

Mobile Phone Operating Systems

The mobile OS from Apple Inc is known as iOS and it is a closed source. This operating system works only with Apple Products such as iPad and iPhone. However, it is easy to use and gets synchronized with other Apple devices quickly.

Another operating system launched by Microsoft is Windows Phone which is also a closed operating system. It is an advanced version of Windows Mobile.

The Symbian Foundation has launched the Symbian OS which was considered similar to Nokia. However, most of the other mobiles also use this OS such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and so forth. It was popular for its multiple user interfaces. Nevertheless, this system has experienced severe decline in popularity due to the rise in the usage of iOS and other systems.

Apart from these, there are many more systems developed for mobile Smartphones.

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