Types of Air Conditioner Systems – Do You Know

When the summer heat begins to climb, most people seek the comfort of air-conditioners. The air-conditioning units are available in different cooling capacities, sizes and price rates. Window AC, Split AC and Tower AC are some of the most common varieties of units which are designed with different capacities and cooling abilities.

Cooling Towers

Different Functionalities

Window AC: This common type of AC is fitted onto the window sills and it includes all the essential components such as evaporator, compressor, expansion coil or valve, cooling coil and so forth in a single box. It is quite easy to install and maintain this type of unit as it requires less effort. Another advantage of this unit is its cost efficiency compared to the other units.

Window Air Conditioner

Split AC: This cooling device includes two units mainly the internal and the external units. The internal unit helps to absorb the warm air and pumps cold air into the rooms. The external unit which is installed outside the home expels the warm air. It contains the compressor of the AC unit and it is connected to the internal unit through electrical cables and drain pipes. It is ingrained with many beneficial functionalities and features. It produces less noise compared to the other units. It can be installed neatly as it occupies less amount of space. As it can be installed in home and rooms without windows, it is quite popularly used in contemporary and stylish homes.

Tower AC: It is also known as cooling towers. These cooling units have high capacity and it is therefore used in large rooms and spaces. This unit does not require windows or walls for installation as it can be placed in the middle or corner of the rooms. It is quite ideal for huge office spaces, party halls and large homes as it can cool the rooms quickly and efficiently. These units are available in different sizes and shapes in many of the online stores at affordable price rates. Most of the large complexes include centralized AC towers for better efficiency.

All these different types of air conditioning units can be bought easily from authentic online stores at affordable price rates.


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Some features has the energy saving consumption which is good.

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Very informative, I didn't realize the amount of air conditioning systems available. It makes choosing a system easier to relate to your individual needs.

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