Summer Temperature Controlling Equipment for Industries

In tropical countries, temperature controlling during summers is a huge concern. For homes, there are air conditioners and coolers, but for extended domains like factories, industrial areas or storage places, controlling the temperature during summers becomes all the more essential in order to avoid destruction of goods due to scorching heat.

Industrial Cooling Systems

A wide range of temperature controlling equipment for summers are available in the market like the forced draft fanless cooling towers, fanless cooling towers, fanless cooling towers, air cooling system, evaporative oil cooler, comfort air cooling systems, air blowers, crushed ice facility, crushed ice plants, block ice plant and digital temperature controllers etc. These machines usually call for a handsome amount and are not bought every day. Thus the factories manufacturing these products ensure quality and get them done from high grade material. Such machines are not only of high quality but are durable too.

Read on to know more about some of the mentioned temperature controlling equipment:
  • Block Ice Plant: This ice plant offers protection both during summers and monsoons as it has a strong roof structure. There is an ice making and harvesting department in the plant with a brine tank, which is an electrically operated crane that runs on rails to carry blocks of ice. Made of high quality materials, this equipment requires minimum maintenance. This plant basically cools the surrounding with ice fillings by harvesting and processing the ice within the plant itself with mechanically set skills only.
  • Forced Draft Fan less Cooling Towers: This provides super-fast air conditioning and refrigeration facilities. This temperature controlling equipment is known to be used for its efficiency, reliability, pollution free and power saving specialties. The process involves hot water being sprayed atop the cooling tower into small droplets like mists that cools down when in contact with the atmospheric wind flow.
  • Evaporative Oil Cooler: Widely used in power plants, these oil coolers maintain the desired temperature and viscosity of oil after absorbing the heat from the pressurized oil. These coolers are portable as they have adjustable legs.
  • Comfort Air Cooling Systems: Made of fan coil units and evaporative water cooler, these coolers have the capacity of bringing down the room temperature by 10°C, when the outside temperature is above 45°C. The advantage of low cost maintenance and extreme efficiency has made this temperature controlling equipment a popular buy.

Apart from the above mentioned equipments, manufacturers are launching many more temperature controlling options that are affordable, efficient and durable. While buying such heavy duty machineries, always trust the known name in the market and do proper market research before buying.

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