Health Benefits and Hazards of Using Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed milk powder is widely used due to its easy storage facility and immediate availability on hand at all circumstances. But while using skimmed milk powder, it may be of good help to have some knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages to get maximum benefits from its use.

Health Benefits of Skimmed milk powder
The most beneficial factor of skimmed milk powder is that it is fat free. Skimmed milk contains very low portion of fat or no fat at all and is very good for maintaining a healthy heart and slim body. Fat occupies large space in your body and hinders the functioning of other nutrients. Using of skimmed milk powder leaves more space for other nutrients in your body and keeps your body healthy.

Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed milk powder is suitable for lowering your blood cholesterol level thereby protecting your body from cholesterol problems.

Moreover, usage of skimmed milk powder may protect your body from diseases as compared to raw milk which may carry some bacteria causing illness along with it.

Milk is a very important substitute for food in most circumstances. So using of skimmed milk powder is safer in such conditions as it contains all the nutritional constituents of calcium, proteins, many vitamins and carbohydrates and no fat.

Health Hazards of using Skimmed milk powder
The most disadvantageous factor of skimmed milk powder is that it contains oxidized cholesterol which is not good for health. This oxidized cholesterol is generated during the heating process of raw milk while producing the skimmed milk powder.

Another minus point is that skimmed milk powder is deficient in vitamins A and D that are needed for absorbing protein and calcium. So the body needs to take these vitamins from its reserves to make use of the skimmed milk thereby depleting its reserves and weakening your body.

The pasteurization and powder making processes of milk destroy all nutrient values of the natural milk thereby making the skimmed milk powder very deficient in its nutritional values as compared to original raw milk or semi skimmed milk.

In spite of all the above mentioned disadvantages, a well monitored usage of skimmed milk powder along with some intake of fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for maintaining good health and a slim body free from fat.

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