Most Popular Mobile Phones in the Market

Mobile phone is among the most vital accessories that can seldom be overlooked. It has become a lifeline for many users all over the world. Apart from its functional utility, these phones are a symbol of status and opulence. A huge variety of mobile phones are made available today at various price ranges in the Indian markets. Some of the most popular varieties include the Nokia, Samsung, Apple iPhone, HTC, Sony Ericsson and so forth.

Most of these phones are classified on the basis of their appearance, features, camera pixels, color, resolution and application. Today consumers are smitten by the features and applications of Android phones. These phones have fascinated the Indian consumers with its high end processors and other amazing features. It is easy to install any updated software in these phones quite easily. The sales of these phones have touched a new height all over the world.

Most Popular Smart Phones

Some of the best selling android phones in India include the HTC desire S, HTC desire Z, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Experia Play, Sony Experia ARC and Samsung Galaxy S.

These mobile phones are highly beneficial to internet users as it supports both 2g and 3G. It is well equipped with all the latest technologies and therefore it allows easy access to all social networking sites such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook and Twitter. It also includes various amazing features such as video calling, Java support, Blue tooth facility and media support. These incomparable touch screen phones include an array of multimedia features, music players and camera.

Among the most popular models of these smart phones, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini is one of the most admired phones in the markets. Motorola DROID A855 is another exclusive variety of smart phone which has completely fascinated consumers with its unique applications and fun games. It is quite similar to the iPhone in its features. It also includes a scientific calculator along with other features. Most of these phones are expensive; nevertheless, there are cell phones with similar features for buyers with limited money available in many of the online stores.

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