How To Measure Quality of Gold and Diamonds

The human race has gone to war over the two treasures “Gold and Diamonds” several times in human civilization. This fact itself should establish the preciousness of these objects. But it is the purity in both gold and diamond that determines its worth in the market. There are organizations which certify the required standards of purity for both gold and diamond. All you have to do is look for their insignia on the piece of jewellery or ornament you are planning to invest in.

Purity Standard for Gold
Hallmark determines the purity standard in gold. A hallmarked piece of gold jewellery contains indications and marks which make it easier for us to identify the country from which the gold has originated from, its date of manufacture, indication of metal content and alloys used to substantiate it and the type of precious metal used in the piece of ornament.

Measure Gold & Diamond Purity

The hallmark is either stamped, laser engraved or struck on the gold and it identifies the carat rating of the piece. The hallmark on a piece of jewellery certifies the purity of the metal in accordance with the standard specifications implemented by the international standards. The evaluation takes place at the ‘assaying and hallmarking ‘office. After the certification, the hallmark confirms that the gold used in the piece is in accordance to the national and international standards of gold fineness and purity.

Purity Standard for Diamonds
Diamonds are graded on the famous four ‘Cs’ – carat, clarity, colour and cut. A Diamond can be cut only in a certain way so as to add to the shine of the piece. Carat is the measurement which expresses the weight of the diamond. Clarity establishes the visible impurities in the diamond. Colour of the diamond also a very important feature. There are many companies which offer diamond certification; the most famous of them is the ‘Gemological Institute of America’ (GIA) and the ‘American Gemological Society’ (AGS).

The hallmark for gold and the purity of the diamond based on the four Cs reassures people who purchase these priceless articles by investing their hard earned money. In this way, the consumer feels safe investing in them and the authorities are also able to distinguish forgeries and counterfeiters.

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