Different Dairy Equipment Used in Dairy Farms

Dairy Equipments and Tools

When dairy industry was in its nascent stage, people used their hands to milk the cow, buckets to store them and hands to keep the farms clean. But with time, things got a little more relaxed and numerous sophisticated equipments came to play that not only reduced manual labour, but also made the work more organized.

Milking systems are used to milk the cows. Unlike the age old methods, when a person has to milk the cattle, this machine makes the livestock stand in one place with the use of a pen. Then with the help of a four piece milking device, the cattle are milked and the milk is transferred to a storage tank with the help of tubes. It is important that the animal remains calm while it is being milked. For this, generally fodder is kept around to let the animal remain engrossed in chewing fodder.

Food dispensers also are amongst the widely used dairy equipments. It acts like an automated feed machine. During the time when the animals are being milked, a feed hopper is kept near the pen. There is an automated system that drops a measured amount of feed into the hopper for the cow to eat it. This way it stays in place and there is no problem while it is being milked.

Dairy equipments like the auto-scrapers are extremely useful too. Their main aim is to keep the place clean. Many a times, there are quite a few cows or buffaloes in the pen together. This means that there will be a lot of waste from the cows. The waste proportions increase during the milking of the cow. This not only makes the pen dirty, but is also an unhygienic place for the animals. These auto-scrapers run along tracks and clear all these waste material leaving the pen clean.

The dairy equipments are created keeping in mind that the physical labour required to maintain dairy farms is reduced a great deal and the farm remains clean.

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