AC to DC Converter - Components and Working

An AC to DC converter is used for converting AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). For example, battery in a car operates on DC, but it needs to be converted into AC to run satellite radios and music players. This kind of converter is built into a car’s electrical system inside a container, where it converts AC into DC without adversely affecting any other system of the car. The number of devices that you can operate on a converter depends on the watts it can handle. You must check the watt capacity of all products before purchasing.

Components of an AC to DC Converter
There are two major components in such a device i.e. wattage output and wave. Wave is a visible description of electrical signals that can be seen over an oscilloscope. Square waves appear on the screen as squares, and sine waves are seen as waves. Although both square waves and sine waves can do the conversion process, the converter that makes use of sine waves is considered to work better than a square wave converter. There is very slight difference between both the wave types; however, this may affect high-end equipments with detailed requirements.

AC to DC converter

How an AC to DC Converter Works?
AC is converted into DC with the help of an electronic component known as rectifier. It accepts electrical input and allows the power flow in a single direction, thereby creating DC. There are different types of rectifiers, known as single diode and bridge rectifiers. They can accept only a limited amount of current, thus, it is important to check the adapter before using it with AC. Otherwise, irreparable damage can be caused to the electrical device or to the converter.

While the AC voltage is standardized, DC needed for different equipments may vary. Using an un-rated AC to DC converter can harm the equipment seriously. You need to use higher amperage rated adapter with your electrical devices, as it balances and makes use of limited amount of current required for safe operation.

Now that you know the significance of AC to DC converter for your electrical equipment usage, you need to choose the one that suits your requirement best.

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