Popular Women Wears for Various Festival Celebrations

The Indian culture and festival celebrations have a special place for colorful ethic clothes. Keeping in mind the modern tastes and preferences of women, the fashion designers in the country blend the traditional styles with the modern elements. The result is that women have some wonderful options to choose for the most popular festivals.

Diwali is undoubtedly the most popular festival celebrated in different ways in various Indian states. High society women prefer to wear fashionable sarees that usually lack heavy work. Sarees with thread work, embroidery and a variety of motif designs are chosen by women participating in traditional poojas during the festival.

Apart from Diwali, Navratri Pooja is another festival when women are highly enthusiastic in wearing colorful clothes. Chaniya choli is various impressive designs are the popular clothes for this festival. Lehanga cholis in all possible colors and styles are quite famous as well. Special dresses are designed for the women who wish to take part in the famous dance celebrations called dandiya.

The significance of colors in the Indian festivals can also be experienced in festive clothes. Saffron and yellow colored clothes are popular for the festivals like teej and basant panchami. Interestingly, the exciting festival of colors called Holi requires the women to wear white clothes. White churidar suits, salwar kameez and kurtis are exceedingly fashionable clothes that women love to wear while playing with colors.

The temple festivals of South India are the occasions for the women to wear heavy silk sarees with astonishing embroidery work. Ganesh Chaturthi is another festival of South where women can be seen dressed up in silk sarees and suits. On the other hand, women in Punjab and Haryana prefer to wear designer salwaar kameez with colorful dupattas to celebrate festivals like lohri and baisakhi.

White and mustard yellow sarees with red borders are popular dresses for women while celebrating Durga Pooja in West Bengal. Another popular festival is Karvachauth for which women choose sarees and designer suits in bridal colors like red, maroon and pink. It is indeed amazing to see how the traditional and modern styles and designs are blended together to match the mood of grand festive celebrations.

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