Agricultural Tools Have Become Common to Make Farmers Role Rare

For over thousands of years, farmers were deservingly considered the main driving force for feeding the populations. Today, the roles of farmers are fast becoming rare because of the invention of specialized agricultural tools in various possible categories. It is uncommon these days to see more than dozens of workers working at the fields.

Tools like spades, shovels and rakes have been in use for various farming practices for long. Designed for making digging, cultivation and material carrying simple, these tools have never lost their importance. Another popular category of tools used in modern farming is that of implements. These equipments are in use for soil preparation, seed planting and many harvesting and pro-harvesting tasks.

Cultivators, for example, are among the most popular farming implements. Tillage is one important task that can be achieved with these tools to prepare the soil for agricultural purposes. Mattocks, pickaxes, ploughs and rototillers are the examples of agricultural tools that are widely used for overturning and stirring the soil.

There are farming tools that are employed for various types of planting. Broadcast seeders are the examples of tools that are used for spreading seeds in a desired manner. Seed drills and transplanters are other worthwhile examples in this category. Planters are the implement tools used for sowing seeds in precise fashion.

Drips, sprinklers, water emitters and center pivot irrigation systems are the tools in use for the purpose of irrigation. The tools required for providing fertilizers to the crop fields include sprayers, slurry spreaders and manure spreaders. Many of these tools are also useful in spraying pesticides and herbicides for effective pest control.

Just like that of humans, the roles of farm animals are also becoming rare. The use of heavy agricultural tools and machineries like tractors has increased dramatically. Tractors are used in a wide variety of tasks from soil preparation to harvesting. Various types of implements are towed to these machines to save the human efforts and hours involved in different phases of agriculture.

With the advancement in technologies, the tools used for agriculture are also becoming better. The increasing use of computerized tools and monitoring systems is the perfect evidence for the same.

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