Fashion Clothing for Indian Women

Indian culture and tradition is entirely different from other countries of the world. Although western wear is popularly used in India, traditional attires such as sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga cholis are still worn by most of the women in the country. Sarees are known to be the traditional wear of India and it is worn in different ways by women of different states in the country. This six yard cloth is draped in a different manner in the northern and southern parts of the country.

Blend of Tradition and Fashion

Indian clothes have experienced a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs and styles. Even though Indian women wear traditional sarees and salwar kameez, most of these dresses have evolved in the past decades. Traditional sarees have evolved with changes in the patterns, fabrics and designs. Designer sarees have become popular these days. Fashionable sarees with heavy embellishments are worn during occasions and events.

The designs and styles of wedding sarees have undergone a tremendous alteration. The colors and fabrics used by modern designers are exquisite and alluring. Apart from sarees, Indian women also wear salwar kameez. It is also known to be the traditional outfit of India. Worn by women of all ages, salwar kameez is among the most popular outfits in India. It is also comfortable and attractive. The designs and patterns of salwar kameez have also evolved massively. Today some of the most exquisite and chic designs of salwar kameez can be seen in most of the Indian online and offline stores.

Lehenga choli
are popular Indian attire worn during occasions and weddings. Today designer lehenga cholis are also popularized among Indian women. Lehenga cholis are heavily embellished with jewels and beads. Embroidered lehenga cholis are worn during weddings and functions.

Long skirts with floral prints are yet another fashionable outfit worn by most of the Indian women. Long skirts are paired with short tops or blouses. Western styles have impacted Indian wear in different ways. Today it is easy to find a blend of both Indian and western styles in most of the clothes worn by the Indian women.


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