Benefits of Non Return Valves and Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic & Non Return ValvesNon-return valves or check valves are valves that are used to allow the flow of materials in one direction. It seldom allows the material to flow in the opposite direction. These valves are usually installed in the pipe lines and it senses the flow of materials in the opposite direction and plugs the pipe.

Benefits of Non-Return Valves

Non return valves are used in different types of devices as it helps to stop flooding in water heaters and sumps. It also prevents reverse flow of materials that can cause damage to the equipments. It is therefore widely used in flow meters, control valves and strainers. It also helps to save power as it stops materials from flowing backwards when a particular device is switched off. Non return valves or check valves also protect the parts of the devices with its unique features.

Different Types

There are various types of check valves or non-return valves such as the ball valves, swing check valves and split valves. All these valves function in a same way. The ball non-return valve includes a ball that is placed on the opening of the valve. The ball is pushed away from the mouth of the valve when the liquid flows through the pipe. However, when the liquid flows through the opposite direction, the ball fits over the valve opening tightly and therefore plugs the valve.

Another type of check valve is the swing check valve. It includes a swinging door on the hinges that helps to block the reverse flow of materials in the pipe.

The split disk is another non-return valve that stops reverse movement of materials. It includes a folded metal disk that opens when the material flows backwards.

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves are generally used to release the excess pressure in the hydraulic systems. There are basically three types of pressure relief valves in hydraulic systems. These pressure relief valves must be stronger than the relief pressure so that it can withstand the excessive pressure. When the relief pressure is high, the valves must be able to open slowly and close properly when the pressure falls.

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