Wooden Furniture Verses Plastic Furniture

Furniture adds charm to homes, offices and other places. There are different types of furniture used in homes which include plastic, wood and metal furniture. Among these varieties, both plastic and wooden furniture is popularly used in most of the places.

Plastic and Wooden Furniture- Pros and Cons

Although many people use both wooden and plastic furniture, both these varieties include certain advantages and disadvantages which shall be elaborated below.

Durable and elegant: Wooden furniture is known for its exquisite durability and elegance. Carved wooden furniture with intricate designs and patterns enhance the beauty of any home. Furniture made of teak wood and mahogany is remarkable and incomparable. It is also durable compared to the plastic furniture.

Expensive: Although wooden furniture is expensive, it tends to lasts for a life time. Moreover, as it weighs more than the plastic furniture, it is stronger and long lasting.

Wooden furniture is available in different varieties; however, plastic furniture is also ingrained with a number of beneficial qualities.

Less expensive: All people can seldom afford to buy expensive wooden furniture. Plastic furniture is available at considerably lower price rates.

Easy to maintain: Unlike wooden furniture which requires regular polishing to maintain its glow and shine, plastic furniture is easy to maintain. It can be dusted regularly so that it remains clean and useable. Plastic furniture is seldom attacked by moths and termites.

Light-weight: Plastic furniture is light in weight. So it is easy to carry it to different places unlike wooden furniture which is heavy.

Eco-friendly: Unlike wooden furniture which require cutting down of trees, plastic furniture can be manufactured easily. It is therefore considered to be environment friendly.

Weather resistant: Plastic furniture can be used as outdoor furniture. It can be used in patios and gardens as it is resistant to the vagaries of the weather.

Today both plastic and wooden furniture is available in a huge assortment of varieties. Tables, chairs, coffee tables, TV stands and so forth are easily available in the online stores. Regardless of whether the furniture is made of plastic or wood, it is important to choose furniture that is durable, strong and of superior quality.


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I think in this current age where style and design plays such an important part, both arguments can stand, it just depends on where the furniture is going to be used. The thing with plastic is that it is so versatile and durable, therefore often ideal for commercial settings as well as domestic. Plastic also has the added 'fun' factor, being available in many colours and textures, making an immediate impact on wherever it is placed :O)

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