Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipments – Technology and Types

Hydraulic and Pneumatic EquipmentsA number of industrial sectors are dependent on hydraulic and pneumatic equipments like hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic actuators, air brakes, air compressors, pneumatic actuator and pneumatic cylinder. Construction and mining are two of the best examples, where these equipments simplify a lot of work.

Fluid power is the technology that runs these equipments. Liquid fluid or gases under compressed states are used to produce mechanical actions, thereby saving a great amount of human efforts and energy. Here is a short discussion about the technology and types of hydraulic and pneumatic machines.

Fluid Technology
Hydraulic equipments utilize the power of hydraulic liquid fluids that are compressed using different levels of resistance. Valves and other components are used to control the quantity of liquids. The most common liquids used in these equipments are based on water and mineral oil.

Pneumatic equipments, on the other hand, work with the help of compressed gases. Big industrial applications commonly use atmospheric air in compressed state. For relatively smaller applications, the gases like nitrogen are used. Though the technology used for hydraulic and pneumatic equipments is same, they may differ in terms of performance, safety and other aspects.

Hydraulic equipments are usually better performing because it is easy to achieve more precision with compressed liquids as compared to gases. Pneumatic equipments are usually safer as they are not prone to fire and overload hazards.

Types of Equipments
Hydraulic valves are the most common equipments that are available in the types like pressure relief valves, check valves, shuttle valves, cartridge valves and auxiliary valves. Other hydraulic equipments and components that are in huge demand include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic brakes, hydraulic pipes and many more.

Pneumatic cylinder is used in a wide range of applications, including automobiles and building installations. Single-acting and double-acting cylinders are the two popular types of these equipments. Other similar equipments that are used in industries include pneumatic motor, pneumatic sensor, pneumatic regulator, pneumatic switch, pneumatic air guns and so on.

A number of manufacturers in different parts of the world manufacture and supply these devices. It is easy to find the best deals for these equipments on the business directories available online.

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