Vehicles Safety Equipments – What Are the Choices Available

Vehicles Safety EquipmentsTwo and four wheelers need to be protected against threats like theft. At the same time, the on-road safety of these vehicles is equally important. The lack of suitable security arrangements may lead to serious injuries and loss of life in the situations of accident.

Traditional locks and chains for motorbikes and scooters are no more sufficient in this direction. Likewise, the security for cars fitted with seat belts and central locking systems must be extended further. This calls for the need of additional safety equipments, some of which are discussed below.

Helmets in various designs are among the most common security gears for the two-wheeler owners. Full face helmets, three quarter helmets and half helmets with different levels of protection can be easily availed. There are designs with visors, shades and detachable chin pieces. It is important to consider the size and shape of the helmet to choose the perfect fit.

Alarm Locks for Two Wheelers
Motorcycles are prone to thefts that can be prevented with the installation of a variety of locks. These locks are constructed using tough materials like steel and other alloys and are further coated with materials like vinyl. Any suspicious activity triggers alarm to alert the owner. Anti-cutting alarms, u-shaped locks, two way motorcycle alarms and many such types of equipment are manufactured by vehicle security providing companies.

Airbag Protection
Airbags have become the essential protection equipments for four-wheelers. Serious types of injuries caused to head, torso and chest of the front seat riders during accidents can be prevented with the help of these equipments. Airbag security is not limited to four-wheelers, as equipments like airbag vests are available for the two-wheeler riders.

Emergency Response Systems
These equipments help the vehicle rider or driver to contact the emergency personnel on the click of a button. The emergency contact number is pre-programmed in these equipments that are based on the modern GPS technology.

Rearview Cameras
In addition to the rearview mirrors, you can add rearview cameras to have a better look of the vehicles behind you. The advanced cameras are fitted with sensors that notify if the vehicle is about to bang into something.

Car seats for children, anti lock brakes, safety glasses and many other types of safety equipments can make an automobile extremely safer. Many vehicle security brands in different countries come up with a variety of versions of these equipments.

Other Safety Equipments = > Wireless CCTV Camera

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