Journey from Traditional Cassettes to Modern USB Devices

Cassette PlayerGramophone records were the big circular discs that served as medium for recording and playing music in the middle of the 20th century. After more than half a century, the technologically advanced devices like USB media player offer extremely improved trend for playing music. Not only music, but data in various forms can be stored and carried using them.

Over all these years, a number of devices have been devised to make data carrying easier and more convenient. Each of them has served as the inspiration for more advanced devices. Here is a discussion about how the journey had been, starting from the tradition cassettes and constantly improving with USB media player.

Cassettes, due to their smaller size and better speed and quality became popular in the 1960s. These devices consisted of magnetic tapes to store data. The introduction of portable devices called walkman further enhanced the popularity of music cassettes. Recording and re-recording was possible, though there were serious quality flaws with repetitive use of cassettes.

CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray
A milestone was achieved with the introduction of compact discs (CDs). These discs gained instant popularity due to better recording speed and replaying quality. Various formats of these discs included audio CDs, video CDs, bootable CDs and many more. Few years later, DVDs with much higher storage capacities and greater data access speed were introduced. More recently, the devices like Blu-ray discs with high-definition playback quality have hit the market. These discs also have higher storage capacities as compared to their predecessors.

USB Drives
Today, the use of USB media player is extremely popular. The devices like USB flash drives can carry huge amounts of data; are compact, lighter and highly portable and are not prone to damage caused by different factors. Personal computers, laptops and other types of systems mandatory accommodate one or multiple USB ports that make the usage of USB drives even more appealing and convenient.

The journey is expected to go beyond the latest media players in the nearby future. The consumers are certainly going to benefit out of this evolution for better music playing.


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