Various Parts of a Mobile Phone

Cell phones have altered the future of mankind. In the earlier days, cell phones were used to make and receive calls, send text messages and so forth. Today cell phones are used for a wide variety of purposes. Cell phones have become smart phones with the introduction of new technologies and software. Smart phones such as the iPhone consist of many complex parts inside the phone. Advanced cell phones consist of powerful electronic components. However, most of the mobile phones consist of basic components which are in-built in the cell phones.

Components of a Cell Phone

Circuit board: One of the most important components of a cell phone is the circuit board. It is considered to be the brain of the cell phone. The circuit board is essential to connect all the other parts of the cell phone. Circuit boards which are included in the cell phones are necessary for the proper functioning of the phones.

Speaker and microphone: Both the speaker and the microphone permit a person to speak and hear the other person. Today cell phones are available with advanced speaker and microphone systems which provide a number of facilities.

Battery: Mobile battery is one of the most important components in a cell phone. These batteries can be recharged with an adaptor or charger. Different cell phones have different types of batteries. Cell phones with advanced features have high capacity batteries which may last for hours together. It is important to consider the type of battery before choosing to buy cell phones. Duplicate batteries are available at half the prices of original batteries. Most of these batteries are manufactured in countries like China. These batteries tend to ruin cell phones and shorten the life of these phones.

It is quite important to consider the warranty period of the mobile battery before purchasing it. With a longer warranty period it is quite simple to replace the battery if it malfunctions.

There are different types of batteries used in cellular phones. The nickel cadmium batteries were the first cellular batteries which were used in most of the phones. Though this mobile battery was relatively small in size, it was quite efficient. But these batteries suffered from a memory defect which led to the decline in its usage in cell phones.

The lithium ion battery is another variety of mobile battery which is used in most of the cell phones these days. These batteries have no memory effect unlike the nickel cadmium battery.

The lithium polymer battery is the latest variety of mobile battery that is used widely in smart phones and other recent varieties of cell phones. These batteries are quite expensive and are seldom used in other types of cellular phones. Antenna: The antenna is another component of the cellular phone. The cellular phone can be connected to the network only with the help of an antenna. There are mainly two types of antennas used in cellular phones- the internal and the external antennas. All the modern cellular phones have internal antennas which are in-built in the phone.

A mobile phone includes many other complex internal parts. As technology develops, the features of the cellular phones alter accordingly.


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