Types of Air Conditioner Units – Must Needed in Summer Season

Air conditioner units are machines which are used to keep the air cool. These units include three important parts, mainly the compressor, the evaporator and the condenser. These units circulate the air in the space and draw the heat out of the air, leaving the space cool and comfortable. Air conditioners and air blowers are used in homes, commercial centers, offices, cars, hospitals and many other places. Today these units are used in most of the places.

Split AC

Different Types of Air Conditioner Units

There are different types of air conditioning units which include central AC, split AC and window AC. Central AC units are used to cool the entire building. It is mainly used in huge shopping complexes, factories and corporate offices. Today most of the buildings include centralized air conditioning systems.

Split air conditioning units include two components- the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit includes the condenser and the compressor. The indoor unit includes the cooling fans, coils and the evaporator.

Cassette Type AC

Portable air conditioning units are used in boats, trucks, warehouses and small spaces. It is mostly used in spaces where it is difficult to install central AC units. It is also used in industrial spaces as it can be moved from one space to another quickly and easily. The latest portable cooling unit can be operated with the help of a battery. Most of these portable units also include filters that can purify the air from pollution caused due to cigarette smoke. There are portable AC units with dehumidifiers too. It is quite suitable for varying climatic conditions.

Window AC

Other Different Varieties

Various other types of AC units are available in many of the online stores. Some of the most popular varieties include the commercial AC units, the cleanliness AC units, heavy duty units, laboratory AC units, hospital air conditioning units.

Today most of the online stores are hoarded with different sleek varieties of air conditioning units. These units are durable, efficient and cost effective. It also includes low noise level compared to the earlier types of cooling units. Most of the AC units are manufactured with latest technologies to meet the growing demands of customers.


Vaibhav said...

Great information on the different types of air conditioner units. I am currently researching new units to install in my house since my decided it didn't want to wok anymore. I am currently using an old one my parents had at their house (it's one of those window kinds). I can't wait to have central air back in my home. Would you recommend any type over another?

Vaibhav said...

I actually didn't know there was so many different types of air conditioner units but I'm pretty ignorant to the whole situation. I have been online trying to find a new one so my house isn't burning up this summer but I wasn't sure what kind to get. Your blog has definitely helped educate me on the different types. Thank you for sharing and helping.

Vaibhav said...

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Vaibhav said...

Thank you for sharing this info about air conditioner units. Really massive and useful info.

Vaibhav said...

Great post. My boyfriend and I were just looking at
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the other day. We just bought a house with no air conditioning and I wont be able to go through the entire summer without air. Thanks for sharing, this was very helpful.

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