Various Computer Hardware Parts And Accessories

Computers have become an integral part of our lives today. Ever since its discovery a decade ago, these magnificent machines have altered the future of mankind in more than a million ways. Computer software includes various applications which are intangible. Computer hardware is the physical part of the computer.

computer hardware parts & accessories

Computer Hardware and Accessories

Some of the most important hardware present in the computer includes the mother board, the CPU or the Central Processing Unit, the RAM or the Random Access Memory, monitor, keyboard, hard drive, floppy disk, CD-ROM, hard drive and zip drive.

The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is known to be the most important part of the computer. The most common CPU is the Pentium chip made by Intel.

The RAM or the Random Access Memory stores information temporarily when the computer is switched on.

Hard disk is another significant computer hardware. It is used to store information and is the primary storage device of a computer. As it stores all the programs and files, it is known as the main storage device of the computer. Hard disk is located in the interior part of the computer.

CD or DVD drives are other important components of a computer. CD drives are used to retrieve data from the CD and also copy data to the CDs. The DVD drives can be used to read DVDs and watch movies on your computer.

Mouse is a device which is used to select items on the computer. Computer mouse is available in different varieties today including scroll mouse, optical mouse, wireless mouse and so forth. With the development of technology, components of a computer has evolved with better and advanced features.

Keyboard is one of the most significant parts of a computer. It is mainly used to type text into the computer. There are a number of navigation keys, function keys and numeric keys which can be used to perform various actions.

Apart from the above mentioned components, there are many other accessories and components in a computer such as the monitor, printer, speaker and modem. With the enhancement of computer technology, various devices and components are being incorporated for better and faster performance of the computers.

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I agree with you. Not only computer but, its accessories are also important in today's technology. It helps to protect the computer from dust and heat and increase the productivity of work.
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