Tips to Choose Wedding Wears for the Special Wedding Occasion

Wedding is the biggest occasion for any woman, as it is once in this life-time affair! And choosing the best kind of wedding apparel is nothing short of a dream. Every girl has a fixed notion in her mind as to how her wedding dress should be, most of the to-be-brides ready their bridal dress weeks before the D-day.

Bridal wears may differ from country to country. For example, a bride in India may prefer a heavy silk or benaras sari or lehenga, whereas a bride in London may go for the typical bridal gowns as per their custom and tradition. Speaking of western wedding gowns; there are various kinds of designs and dress-types that a girl may choose from! From pretty and classic princess wedding gowns, ball wedding gown to mermaid bridal gowns- brides can select as per their desire and budget.

wedding wears

In asian countries, the most preferred bridal wears include the very beautiful sarees, exquisite lehenga-cholis, bridal lehenga and heavy embroidered salwar kameez sets. Best way to choose wedding wears is to take advice from loved ones, so that the chosen attire compliments the body structure of the bride and makes her more beautiful!

One can also surf the internet for fancy ideas and searching e stores that provide wedding dresses. Best way to choose wedding wears is to select 2 to 3 pieces and then make a decision after considering the cost, design, material and color of the bridal attire. Visiting a grand bridal store and checking out the apparels with friends or relatives is also a good idea.

indian wedding wears

While Indian brides love the nine yard saree for their most special day, mind sets are slowly changing and many brides prefer heavy ghagra-cholis to simple sarees. The lehenga-choli is a terrific combination of a short seductive blouse and a longish skirt, with a dupatta to complete the set. Most ghagra choli sets are wondrously designed with heavy intricate patterns, embellishments and sewn in beads or stones.

Whatever the bridal dress, it the glow on her face and her happiness that makes the attire more alluring and beautiful!

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