Wall Paintings and Statues - Unique Gift Choices

Some of the exquisite choices of gifts include beautiful wall paintings of different genre. Choosing paintings can be a daunting task with so many varieties available in the online stores. However, some of the lovely and priceless paintings prove to be exemplary gift items. It is quite important to choose gift items according to the preferences of the receiver but paintings are indeed incomparable gifts that you could give your loved ones.

Choices Galore Among Wall Paintings

Finding a perfect gift for your near and dear can be quite simple if you choose to gift wall paintings. With such a huge variety of paintings available in many of the authentic online stores at affordable rates, it is more than a joy to select a perfect painting to gift your loved ones.

The Indian wall paintings are renowned all over the world for its vibrant colors and bold designs. Paintings of gods and goddesses, animals, landscapes, designer paintings, silk paintings and so forth can be bought at exclusive rates from many of the online stores.

Most of the Indian paintings depict life like figures which appear enchanting and realistic. Paintings of animals such as tigers, elephants and camels are painted exquisitely. These paintings are known to adorn the walls and make it livelier. Most of the paintings are based on ancient themes such as the royal life of kings and queens, beautiful Mughal princesses, emperors and many more.

Some of the most exclusive collection of wall paintings available in the online stores includes the Seashore paintings, the Stained glass paintings, oil and velvet paintings, Gemstone paintings, traditional family painting, and Marble painting. Other types of paintings include Tanjore paintings, textile paintings, embossed paintings and so forth.

The Seashore paintings portray a lady near seashore where as the Tanjore paintings include vibrant and rich colors. It portrays the cultural heritage of the country. It is one of the priceless and valuable gift items one could ever receive.

The decorative wall paintings are elaborate paintings which speak volumes about the talent and art. Created by some of the expert painters, these paintings are known to enhance any wall it is hung on. Another attractive painting in glass includes the Maa Durga painting which proves to embellish the d├ęcor of a room.

Paintings which are hung on walls can actually be categorized into three types mainly the realistic paintings, romantic cartoons and sentimental. Realistic paintings are known to embellish living rooms and drawing rooms. Large paintings of life like images are hung on living room walls to capture the attention of guests for it spells opulence and style.

Animal Statues- A Perfect Gift Choice

Apart from paintings, animal statues of different sizes and types can be chosen as gift items. Gifting brass statues of animal figures is quite popular these days. Wooden statues, glass statues, carved statues of different types of animals can be bought from many of the online stores at attractive prices.

Elephant statues, horse figures, statues of peacocks, deer and bulls can be bought from the online stores today. All these statues prove to be priceless gift items for you to choose.

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