How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

Dining TableOne of the most essential pieces of furniture in a home includes the dining table. Dining rooms and tables are invariably the places where the entire family spends quality time with one another. So it is vital to choose tables which seem inviting as well as elegant.

Today dining table is available in more than a hundred different varieties. In the earlier days, these tables were considered a formal piece of furniture and thereby lacked options but today you can find a whole range of designs, materials, colors and shapes to adorn your rooms.

Dining Table- Understanding the Different Types

Both the online and offline stores are flooded with a number of choices when it comes to dining tables. There are tables to suit each and every home. But it is quiet important to choose tables according to the size of your room and the number of people you wish to seat.

Most of the stores supply complete dining sets which include both tables and chairs. However, if you have chairs, online stores have quiet a variety of tables to suit the chairs. It is also important to choose tables according to the space available in your home. Smaller dining sets suit homes of smaller size and vice-versa.

Dining Table Set

In the earlier days, dining table was constructed with the use of hard wood such as oak and pine. With the passage of time the usage of different types of wood became prominent. The use of solid wood bestows a rustic feeling to the furniture. Today dining table is available in a more contemporary version which includes marble based tops with chromed or steel legs.

A Wide Variety of Shapes

Dining table is also available in different shapes which include rectangular, square, circular tables. Rectangular tables can seat around six to eight persons depending on the length of the table. For smaller areas it is better to choose circular tables as it can be moved to a corner when there is space constraint. Another variety of dining table is the butterfly table which is absolutely ideal for small apartments and homes.

This table can be folded on each side so that it can be stored away. It is also known as the drop leaf table which has leaf like sides that can be folded when it is not required. There are many varieties of drop leaf tables with different options. The shape of the drop leaf table can be changed from square to round and vice versa.

Yet another attractive variety is the pedestal table. These tables prove ideal when there is space constraint. With the pedestal tables, chairs can be placed in any manner.

There are tables with tab insertion options where the table can be slid apart to insert a new section in the middle. This variety of table is in great demand as it is considered ideal for parties and buffets. It is quiet important to choose dining table according to the shape and size of the room so that it accentuates the decor of your home.

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