Stones Jewelry – Designed in Fascinating Varieties

Precious and semi-precious stones obtained from rocks and minerals are the wonderful ingredients of fascinating jewelry. The fact these stones are available in different types justifies the existence of stones jewelry in extended varieties. Jewelry items crafted using diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other popular stones are simply astonishing. These are versatile jewelry items and can be worn for different purposes. In some countries, gemstone jewelry is worn as lucky charms and for health benefits.

A common reason cited for the popularity of these jewelry items is its availability in a large variety. Stones used for making jewelry exist in a number of different forms. The most important classification of these stones is in the form of precious and semi precious stone jewelry. Diamond is the most cherished precious stone and diamond jewelry has been recognized as the most desired form of jewelry.

Other stones jewelry varieties make use of other precious stones like topaz, zircon, ruby and sapphires. While these jewelries are highly expensive, those crafted using semi-precious stones are affordable. Some of the most popular semi-stones used for this purpose are opal, jade, malachite, amethyst, turquoise and onyx.

These stones can also be classified in a number of other ways that further extend the variety of stones jewelry. For instance, stones are classified on the basis of their origin. Most of the popular stones are obtained from the natural sources, while laboratory prepared stones are popular for their lower price. Moissanite and cubic zirconia are two good examples of artificial stones. Imitated stones that are prepared in laboratory but imitate naturally occurring stones like diamonds and rubies too are used in jewelry making.

Some of the stones are crystalline, while others are amorphous in nature. For instance, diamond is a crystalline stone while turquoise is an amorphous stone. Variation is stones jewelry can also be found on the basis of organic and inorganic stones used. Amber, for example, is an organic stone obtained from a fossil tree resin. Pearl, coral and jet are among other organic stones used in making jewelry items. Inorganic stones that are obtained from non-living sources include ruby, quartz, emerald, sapphire and many others.

Stones jewelry varies in terms of color, shape, size and texture of the stones used in it. There is no limit on how these traits add to the huge range of jewelry items made from stones. Rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bangles, bracelets and all other category of jewelry items are crafted using variety of stones. From tradition jewelry to designer and fashion jewelry and wedding jewelry, these stones serve all types of jewelry types.

Another reason for the large variety of stones jewelry is that stones can be set in different types of metals to form enchanting designs. These stones perfectly complement gold, silver, platinum, sterling silver and many other popular jewelry materials.

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