Tubular Battery and It's Importance

Tubular battery is one of the two popular battery designs, the second one being the flat pasted plate battery design. Tubular batteries have more complex designs, as they consist of a number of parallel tubes containing lead oxide. Despite of more efforts required in manufacturing them, these batteries are widely demanded for a number of applications these days.

When compared with sealed maintenance free batteries, a tubular battery offers a number of advantages. As the names suggest, sealed batteries are completely sealed and this makes them difficult to maintain. On the other hand, tubular batteries have openings that allow easy maintenance. Keep on reading to learn about other benefits of these batteries.

tubular battery
Tubular batteries are rugged designs and can be used for high end applications like lifting trucks and in inverters that support heavy loads. One of the many advantages of a tubular battery is that it has long life cycle. One can expect one such battery to run for up to 10 years, provided that right maintenance procedures are followed.

Tubular batteries are designed to conveniently operate in areas with rough weather and environmental conditions. Besides, these batteries are useful for applications in areas where ambient temperature range is common. Many of the other battery designs are incapable of operating within these temperature ranges.
tubular battery

A tubular battery is prone to very less loss of water and this characteristic makes these batteries more efficient than other batteries. There are rare cases when one needs to feed water to these batteries. These batteries have been proved to offer good electrical performance in different types of settings.

A significant advantage of a tubular battery is its ability to charge at a fast rate. This is one useful characteristic that makes these batteries highly recommended for applications that require high productivity. Tubular batteries are available in different design variations to make them work for different applications.

Due to long standby life and high adaptability of these batteries, they are counted among the most useful cell designs till date. If you wish to purchase these batteries, make sure you learn about different versions and choose one manufactured by a reliable company.


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