Choosing from Online Products Directory and Printed Catalogs

online versus offline catalogsPrint advertisement has always been a significant way of business promotions. However, the coming up of online marketing has revolutionized the concepts of advertising and business promotion. As far as b2b segment is concerned, the use of online products directory and online catalogs are fast replacing the printed catalogs.

There are many advantages that online product catalogs have over their printed counterparts. To begin with, online catalogs offer unlimited space to provide information in detail. This allows a business owner to publish detailed description of their products on online product directory. The information that can be printed on a traditional catalog is usually limited by the amount of space available.

Online catalogs prepared for online product directory services are accessible to global audiences. This is one of their most significant advantages over printed catalogs. While printed product catalogs can be distributes to a restricted geographical area, the online catalogs become visible to audiences beyond geographical locations.

Submitting product catalogs to an online product directory is a cost-effective solution for the businesses. Print marketing has always been expensive and this aspect further restricts the business owners to use printed product catalogs. As a result, the businesses are required to reserve only a small part of their budget for online catalog promotions.

Updating information in an online product catalog is possible. For instance, a newly launched product can be added to the existing product catalog at any point of time. This is obviously not possible in case of traditional product catalogs. Going further, online product catalogs can be accessed by the interested buyers at any point of the day. Moreover, they can download these catalogs to their computers and refer to them any time.

Another advantage of an online product catalog is that it allows the business owners to publish product information using different styles of texts, images and graphics. This adds to the presentation of product catalogs which make it easy to attract the potential buyers. With all these great advantages offered by online product directories, it can be said that they are much more effective as well as economical than printed catalogs for business promotion.

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