Indian Sarees: The Variety and Variations

Indian Sarees are a noted attire all throughout the world. A nine yard running fabric sans stitching is what is known as ‘a saree’. It is one such attire which drapes a woman’s figure in the most elegant manner.

The diversity of Indian culture is quite evident in the style of saris too. Its not just about the various types of saree fabric but also about the draping style which envelopes the diversified rich cultural heritage of the country. Following is the different variety of Indian sarees as per the various regions in the country:

Bandhini or Bandhej sarees belong to the Rajasthan, Jaipur region of India. Available in an array of strikingly bright colors like navy blue, red, bottle green etc. these sarees carry a typical design element created by the popular tie and dye technique.

Kanjeevaram is probably the most popular and desired form of sarees among ladies. Tamil Nadu being its native place, Kanjeevarams boast of gold dipped silver threads, aesthetically woven into rich silk fabrics. The attractive combination of bold colors and rich silk fabrics make it a favorite among all. In fact, in the southern India, Kanjeevaram sarees make an integral part of the bridal trousseau as bridal sarees.

Chanderi sarees hail from the heart of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh. In fact, Chanderi happens to be a place in MP which is the center of traditional Chanderi weavers. Chanderi- the handcrafted work, is generally done on silk or very fine cotton fabric. The designs most often depict the patterns found in local temples making them lovely designer saris.

Jamawar saris belong to the Northern part of India, precisely, Uttar Pradesh. The most prominent feature of this particular form of sari is that it carries intricate zari threadwork designs patterns.

Tangail, Kantha and Baluchari
Tangail, Kantha and Baluchari all these three forms belong to Bengal. Tangail sarees carry lotus and lamp design patterns while Kantha sarees are known for the long thread works. The striking feature of Baluchari sarees is that they are 5 yards in length with 42 inches of width unlike the regular nine yard sarees.

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