Emerging Trends In Indian and Foreign Dresses

The Indian dresses are purely cultural and are available in a huge variety. In fact, every state contributes its own dressing style towards the colorful culture for which India is known to the world. The country has also welcomed the foreign dressing style at its workplaces, social gatherings, entertainment world and fashion industry.

At the same time, the India has grown as an exporter of apparels to different countries. This has helped the Indian dresses to earn reputation at the global platform. The textile heritage of the country has secured a good position in the foreign markets.

Talking about the difference in the Indian and the foreign dresses, there are huge sections of the society that still prefer their cultural attires. Especially the Indian women still prefer salwaar kameez and sarees as their formal as well as casual wear. The use of jeans and short dresses is limited to the college going females of the country.

The western workplace suits have definitely entered the corporate culture; there are some professions in India that require the women employees to wear the Indian dresses. For example, the female employees in the aviation and hospitality industries of the country are usually seen in sarees.

A big credit for the popularity of western dresses in India goes to the world of glamour. The leading ladies in the Indian films and those walking the ramp inspire high society women to adopt the western dressing styles. However, the traditional Indian dresses have not vanished from these fields as well. In fact, the renowned celebrity fashion designers experiment with traditional dresses to add to the glamorous looks of the Indian women.

When it comes to weddings and festival occasions, even the most sophisticated Indian women switch to the Indian dresses. There is no match to the wedding sarees and other dresses worn by the Indian brides. These wedding dresses from India are all in rage in the foreign markets as well.

The conclusion is that the confluence of the Indian and the foreign dresses has given birth to a new fashion trend in the country. In other words, the foreign dresses have added to the already diverse dressing style in India, without replacing the traditional dresses even a bit.

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