Types of Ladies Suits Popular in India and Abroad

Indian ladies suits, popularly known as salwar suits or salwar kameez in the Indian subcontinent, are the traditional dresses with lot of style and comfort to offer. A long scarf called dupatta is an important part of this Indian ethnic dress.

Even the celebrities from the west have been attracted by the salwar suits from time to time. Diana, the Princess of Whales, Jemima Goldsmith, an English socialite and well known celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman were seen in these elegant dresses. Here is the classification of different salwar suits popular across the Indian subcontinent and beyond the oceans as well.

On the Basis of Materials
Cotton and silk are the two very popular fabrics used for designing the traditional Indian ladies suits. Besides, one can find the salwar suits made from chiffon, satin, velvet and organza. Apart from the base material, different popular types of ingredients are used to make the suits look appealing. Stones, sequins, stars, sippy, ghunghroos, zari and beads are the popular materials used for embellishment.

On the Basis of Region
Different regions lend different styles to the Indian ladies suits. For example, the cotton suits are very much popular in West Bengal. In Punjab, the Patiala style salwar kameez have always been admired. In Uttar Pradesh, a huge variety of elegant Lucknow embroidery suits are found. Rajasthani bandhej suits are also the popular styles.

Other Types of Classifications
  • The Indian ladies suits can be classified among hand embroidered and machine embroidered suits. Hand embroidered suits have a great appeal and are liked overseas as well.
  • Type of work done on the suits also makes them popular. Patch work, beads work, zari work, floral work and embroidery work are some of the popular styles.
  • Neck cuts also classify the suits, most popular being v-neck and rectangular neck. Design of sleeves, including cap sleeved and sleeveless designs, too categorize these suits.

The designer suits that are designed by ace fashion designers from the country have come up with huge demand in the last two decades. Finally, there are wedding ladies suits with heavy work done on them. These suits are considered as beautiful wedding attires, just like the Indian wedding sarees.

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