Computer Hardware: The Ongoing Trends in the Global Market

The computer hardware industry, like most of the other industries around the world, faced the period of recession during a couple of last fiscals. However, the impact of global recession is very much left behind and the IT hardware industry is back on the growth path.

So, which hardware components and peripherals of computers are being focused in the global markets? And what are the growth statistics of the computer and IT hardware industry at the global level? Obtain useful information from the discussion below.

Categories of Computer Hardware

  • Input/Output Devices: Input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanners and bar code readers and output devices like monitors, video cards, printers, headphones and speakers have consistent demand in the market.
  • Storage Devices: Demand for hard disk drives, including conventional HDD and modern SDD drives, has consistently increased.
  • Processors: Companies like Intel are on their way to decrease the cost of their CPUs. Recently, Intel reduced the price of its quad-core chips by 40 percent and Core 2 Quad chips by 20 percent.

Other categories of computer hardware include networking hardware, system hardware and memory selectors. The overall sale of PCs has increased, thanks to the launch of new operating systems like Windows 7.

Some Facts and Figures
The computer hardware market that experienced a decline in the year 2008 has started experiencing growth, though the growth rate is expected to remain low till 2010. In 2013, the market is expected to become stable and to have the worth of $511.2 billion. If this happens, a growth of 24.4 percent will be recorded in 2013.

Another important thing to know is that the European computer and IT hardware market alone accounts for 39.2 percent of the total global market share.

PC shipments have increased by 19.4 percent in India in 2010 which is a great recovery from the decline of 3.8 percent recorded in 2009. Recovering economy of the country is the main reason behind this. Printers, including laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers, too have experienced an increase in their sale.

So, within the next 2-3 years, the computer hardware industry is going to stand on its feet once again, for which the preparations have already begun.

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