Various Types of Aquarium Accessories and Devices

There are various types of accessories and devices which can be used in aquariums for effective functioning and maintenance. Most aquarium hobbyist find it quite challenging to perform several tasks such as maintaining stable water parameters, changing the water, feeding the fish the accurate amount of food and so forth. There are different types of accessories which are specifically designed to reduce the work load of the hobbyists.

Different Types of Accessories

Automatic timers: One of the most useful devices which can be used in aquariums includes the automatic timers which control the lighting feature of the aquariums. These timers ensure that the fish and corals obtain the right lighting cycles from morning to night. The type and amount of light required for each type of fish varies according to its species. By using an automatic lighting system, it is possible to ensure stability of light all during the day and night.

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Aquarium Accessories

Automatic feeder: Majority of the inexperienced hobbyists feed large amount of food to the fish. Although it may seem harmless to feed large amount of food to the fish, it can be detrimental to the fish. When the fish is fed more, it excretes more waste. The waste mixes with the uneaten food and produces ammonia. Ammonia is highly toxic to the fish and can lead to its death eventually. Installation of automatic feeders can facilitate in preventing over feeding as the machine feeds exactly the right amount of food at the right time. There are many models of automatic feeders which can be used to dispense the right amount of food to the fish.

Aquarium fan or chiller: Another essential device which can be used in aquariums includes the fans or chillers. The type of fan required for the aquarium depends on the type of lights used in it. Some of the high powered lights can heat the entire aquarium to a dangerous level. Therefore it is important to install an aquarium fan to counter the effects of these lights. An automatic chiller can also regulate the temperature of the tank water.

Apart from these devices, there are many other types of useful devices which can be used in different types of aquariums.

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