Water Bottling Plants and Its Working Procedures

Water bottles contain purified and processed water which is safe for consumption. Purified drinking water is packed by various companies in the country. The water bottling plants manufacture purified drinking water after a series of processes which makes it fit and safe for drinking. Various steps are adopted by these bottling plants to preserve the natural qualities of water.

These purification plants utilize various techniques such as the Ozonation, ultraviolet sterilization, reverse osmosis and deionization which clear impurities from the water. Water is passed through various stages of filtration and a number of chemicals are added to it to purify and preserve it.

How Water Bottling Plants Function?

Before filling the purified and processed water into the plastic bottles, the bottles are cleansed thoroughly. These bottles are sterilized properly so as to fill the clear water in it. The drinking water is then filled into the bottles that move through conveyor belts.

Further down the bottles are capped and sealed for safety. In the later stage of the process, these bottles move down the line of the conveyor belt and the moisture is removed through a process of air drying. The bottles are then coded and labeled accordingly.

Modern technology is utilized in most of the water bottling plants as it requires little human intervention. There are fully mechanized and semi-mechanized units which can minimize the efforts and improve the overall efficiency of the plants. Some of these plants include modern machineries with various features. There are machines with fillers, integrated rinsers and cappers. Some of these machines also include automated hoppers, delivery systems and sorters.

Most of the companies in the country utilize modern technologies to purify and process drinking water which ensure tasty and pure drinking water. Bottled water is widely used in most of the places in the country as it is one of the purest forms of water which is uncontaminated.

Water bottling plants use different methods to purify drinking water. Water treatment methods such as RO system, UV system and mineral injection systems are utilized by most of these plants. There are a large number of water treatment and bottling plants in the country which cater to the rising requirements of the consumers.

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