Facts and Myths of Water Melon Seeds

Most people throw away water melon seeds as they are oblivious of its different uses. There are many uses of watermelon seeds and some of the most important benefits of using these seeds are mentioned in the following sections of this article.

Some Important Uses and Health Benefits

Growing new watermelons: One of the most important uses of water melon seeds is to use it to grow new watermelons. Although water melons are available in most of the grocery stores, growing these plants in the backyard will prove to be more economical. It will also taste better than the fruits bought from the stores. This fruits can be grown in any part of the country as it is easy to harvest and grow.

Kidney cleansing: It is considered to be one of the best antidotes for kidney stones. These seeds can be cleaned and ground to make watermelon seed tea which can be used to cleanse the kidneys. Drain the seeds after boiling it in water and enjoy the new healthy tea.

Art supplies: These seeds can also be used by children as art supplies. It can be painted with colors and stuck to poster boards. It can also be used on watermelons instead of painting these seeds.

Snacks: The watermelon seeds can be consumed as snacks too. Most people love to consume pumpkin seeds. Water melon seeds can be consumed in the same manner by cleaning and spreading them on a glass pan. Sprinkle salt on it and bake them in an oven. Cool these seeds and enjoy them. Water melon seeds are even used in soups in some parts of the world.

Water melon seeds are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and fat. It also includes a substantial amount of calories which are considered to be healthy.

However, if the water melon seeds are swallowed without chewing them properly, it tends to pass through the digestive system intact. In this case, the seeds and its nutritional benefits are not absorbed by the body. To obtain its nutritional benefit, it is important to chew these seeds properly.

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