Types of Fuels Used In Vehicles – A Know How

Today various types of fuels are used in vehicles, although majority of the automobiles run on petrol and diesel. However, there are other types of fuels used in automobiles which include several advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most important varieties and its features shall be discussed in the following sections of this article.

Common Types of Fuels

Petrol or gasoline: One of the most common types of fuels used today includes petrol or gasoline. It is commonly used in four wheelers as it includes various advantageous features. It is a fossil fuel which aids in better acceleration, quiet operation, quick starting and better combustion. However, it contains hydrocarbons which produce carbon dioxide when it is burned. It leads to pollution and global warming. But since it is one of the most available fuels it is widely used all over the world.

Liquefied petroleum: Also known as propane, liquefied petroleum is another fuel which is used in vehicles. It is considered to be a clean fuel compared to gasoline. It is also less expensive compared to gasoline and diesel fuels.

Diesel: Another popular variety of fuels used in transport vehicles such as buses, trains and boats include diesel. It is a non-renewable source of fuel which also causes pollution in the environment. However, diesel vehicles have more fuel efficiency and it tends to last longer than the petrol vehicles.

Compressed natural gas: CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is a non-corrosive and clear gas which can be used in both gas and liquid form. Today both diesel and gas engines can be converted into CNG engines. These engines produce less pollution compared to the other fuels used in vehicles. CNG fuels can be filled in selected gas stations in the country. Today it is widely used in countries such as India, USA and so forth.

Ethanol: Another fuel alternative is ethanol which is made from barley, sugar cane, corn and other natural products. It is one of the most popular types of fuels that can be used without any modifications. In some countries, ethanol is used as fuel in vehicles to reduce pollution to a great extent.

There are various other types of fuels such as bio-diesel which can also be used in vehicles to reduce pollution.

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