How to Use Air Conditioners Efficiently

The use of air conditioners is on the rise with the arrival of summer seasons. To find respite from the sweltering heat and pollution, most people use AC in their homes and offices. However, the use of AC increases energy consumption and pollution. Therefore it is pertinent to choose energy efficient air conditioner units which consume less energy. Today there are various types of AC units available for domestic and office uses which vary in sizes, prices and features.

Floor Ceiling Air Conditioner

Tips to Choose AC units

There are many important factors to consider before choosing to buy these cooling equipments which include size of the building or home, cooling capacity of the unit, climatic conditions, energy conservation and star approval.

It is important to choose Ac units according to the size of the rooms. Window AC units are ideal for small rooms as it cools quickly and effectively. Air blowers can also be the best option for this. Split AC units are more popularly used in most of the modern homes these days as it consumes less space and adds to the decor of a home. Although it is quite expensive, it is noiseless and efficient. Tower AC units are ideal for large spaces and halls as it cools large spaces quickly. There is a number of energy efficient air cooling units with different attractive features. Most of these units are eco-friendly and help to reduce harmful emissions.

Split Room Air Conditioner

Dehumidifiers in air conditioning units help to maintain a regular and comfortable temperature which is quite ideal for children and elderly people suffering from asthma, allergies and other health issues. Different cooling units have different set of features so it is important to choose units which are ideal for your home.

How to Use AC units efficiently?

Old models of air conditioning units tend to consume huge amount of power. Therefore it is important to replace old AC units with energy star units which help to save power. Most of the latest cooling units are five star-rated which are both cost effective and eco-friendly.

Window Air Conditioner

Most of these units include a number of attractive features such as sensors to sense movements, auto cut off features, programmable thermostats and so forth. With the use of these units, it is possible to reduce the electric bills to a great extent.

Proper insulation of the building is another important factor to consider. If there are gaps and openings in the windows and walls, the temperature cannot be maintained as the cool air escapes through these vents. The cooling unit has to function for a longer period of time to maintain a comfortable temperature leading to loss of energy.

Some of these cooling units include multi stage filtration systems which reduce allergens and eliminate odors from the rooms. It also detects differences in the room temperature and adjusts the cooling system for better comfort.

Most of these air conditioner units are available through online stores at reasonable price rates. But it is important to understand the different types of AC units and its capacities before choosing to buy an appropriate one.


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