Brief Overview Of The Paper Industry In India

The paper and paper product industry manufactures a wide range of products from printing paper to labels and stickers. The industry has a huge influence on our daily lives. Paper products are made by different companies in different forms. Cardboard boxes which are used to transport our groceries from the manufacturing units to the shops use various types of paper products.

Paper companies also manufacture printing paper products which are used for greeting cards, books, magazines and other products that we use in our daily lives. Consumer goods need to be packaged appropriately when it is transported from one point to another. Various types of packaging materials made of paper are used for this purpose. Industrial products such as machines and its parts need to be packaged safely to reach its final destination.

Paper board is used to pack food items such as cereals and so forth. Container boxes are often made of layers of paper board which gives it ample amount of strength and durability during transportation.

The paper industry faces many new challenges which are caused due to the escalating prices of raw materials and other products which forces the company to take drastic measures to meet the new demands of production. Most of the firms in the country are forced to shut down its paper plants due to rising costs. The development of the industry depends on the ability to obtain raw materials at a reasonable price rate. Some of the paper manufacturing companies face drastic losses due to the higher energy costs. The prices of both natural gas and oil have been rising steadily since the past several decades. As a result the prices of paper products are increasing steadily as the producers have no other option rather than to pass on the price rise onto the consumers.

The growth of paper industry is also dependant on various other durable and non-durable products. With a fall in the demand for non-durable products, there is a subsequent setback in the demand for paper products too.

The paper industry in India is one of the most significant industries in the country. Paper products are used for a wide range of purposes such as paper bags, stationary items, photo frames, kites, labels, cardboard boxes and many more.

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