Barcode Printers | Features And Specifications

A barcode printer is basically a printer device which prints machine- readable codes or barcodes. These codes are used on all types of products as identifiers. Today most of the modern businesses implement this technology as it is considered to be an effective way to meet various business challenges.

Barcodes are simply an arrangement of line which convey particular information when it is read by a scanner. These codes are available in different styles. Some of the printers also print a brief text or description of the product above the code. Although it can be printed using any type of machine, it is essential to choose good print quality. These codes are printed using four different technologies which include the Laser, Dot Matrix, Thermal and Inkjet printers.

The inkjet and laser printing machines prints the code as an image which tend to slow the process of printing. The Dot Matrix printing machines create poor quality codes which are quite difficult to scan. It can seldom create small codes. It is also limited in size and speed.

The thermal barcode printers are among the most popular and widely used technologies as it produces high quality graphics and text. 

Two Different Thermal Printing Methods

There are two different printing methods used by thermal printing machines which include thermal transfer and direct thermal.

The thermal transfer print device uses a print head and a ribbon to produce high quality and accurate images. In this method, the heat is used to transfer ink from the ribbon to the label to form the images. These images include both quality and durability. It can be used to print images on paper, synthetic and polyester label. It has the capacity to resist chemicals and abrasions.

The direct thermal print devices create images directly on the labels without the use of toner, ink or ribbon. These devices use heat sensitive labels which are chemically treated and blacken when it is passed under the print head.

Various Types of Thermal Barcode Printers

Barcode print devices are available in different forms which include industrial, desktop, mid-range and portable. Some of the most common varieties include the following.

Mid range: These light industrial printing devices can be used to print labels of different sizes ranging from small cell phones to large chemical boxes. It is quite durable and tensile. It can withstand extreme weather conditions quite easily.

Desktop: These print devices are suitable for applications where there is limited space and budget. It can be placed neatly on desks as it is compact in size.

Portable: It is ideal for people who are constantly traveling as it can be used for immediate labeling purposes. Labels can be printed on demand with the help of these portable devices. It also helps to increase the efficiency and the productivity of the workers.

Industrial: It is basically used in large industries and warehouses to create numerous labels. These devices are durable, tensile and reliable. It can create a wide range of labels of different sizes.

It is important to analyze your printing requirements before choosing any printing device.

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