Significant Functions and Benefits of a Set Top Box

The set top box is basically a device that is computerized and helps to process digital information. It is also known as STB and includes a huge variety of functions. It is available in different forms. Some of the most common types of STBs include Digital Media receivers, Digital Media adaptors and so forth. Television STBs are widely used in different parts of the world as it is ingrained with a wide variety of benefits.

Some Important Features

Today STBs are installed in homes as it helps to select favorite programs in TVs quite easily. Most of these devices have advanced features which include the ability to record programs. Some of these devices manufactured by reputed companies also offer the option of recording two TV programs at a single time. It is also possible to rewind these recordings according to the requirements of individuals. 

How To Install Set Top Box - Demo Video

There are companies which manufacture advanced STBs which include highest memory capacity. Most of these advanced features are embedded into the devices so that it can be used easily. It is also easy to select the channels with the help of these devices.

The high definition STBs include top quality crystal clear pictures and advanced sound quality. Through these devices it is also possible to connect to networks, surf the internet, video conferences, send emails, interact with Interactive Program Guides and so forth. Some of the modern set top boxes can be used to communicate with CD players, music boards, DVD and CD players, portable media devices and camcorders.

Some of the most common varieties of STBs include the following.

Broadcast STB: One of the most basic types of devices includes the broadcast STB without a back channel.

Enhanced boxes: Today’s devices include a back channel with a phone line. Internet browsing, e-commerce, email communications and so forth are some of the other attractive features.

All in one boxes: One of the most advanced STBs include the all in one box which includes digital video recording, gaming, high speed internet and many more.

Apart from these varieties, there are other types of STBs which are used for its unique and advanced technological features.

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