Hydraulic Machine and its Key Components

When you need to give compressive force to lift heavy objects, the best device is the hydraulic machine. However, it is also used to cut and punch metal components in industries. As the name suggests, hydraulic machines are run by using liquid fluid power. The hydraulic fluid is diffused all across the parts of the machine into the motors and cylinders, which release pressure due to the resistance and hence the machine delivers huge amount of power. The control valves take care of the fluid / liquid and distribute it through hoses and tubes.

Components of Hydraulic Machines

This article will discuss more about these machines and their main body parts.

  • Hydraulic Pump: The pump is the prime component of these machines as they supply fluid to other parts in the system. The pumps have around ten times more power density than electric motors. These pumps derive power from electric motor / engine and are connected via gears. Some common types of hydraulic pumps are gear pump, axial piston pump, vane pump, radial piston pump etc. The pistons are expensive ones, but vows on durability and also deliver higher pressure and efficacy.
  • Control Valves: The function of these hydraulic valves is to course the fluid to the actuator. The main job is conducted by a neutral spool that intersects the grooves and directs the fluid by sliding from one side to the other. The other parts include pressure relief valves, pressure regulators, sequence valve, shuttle valves, check valves, counterbalance valves, cartridge valves and so on.
  • Filters: Filter is a very important component of a hydraulic machine as it removes the metal particles and other contaminants that are continually produced in the system by mechanical components. The filters can be located between the reservoir and pump, reservoir and return line, and pump and control valves.
  • Reservoir: This is the place where the excess fluid / liquid is collected. It also separates air from the fluid and holds back heat to counter the losses when maximum power is used.

Other important parts of hydraulic machines include actuators, accumulators, hydraulic / tractor fluid, tubes, pipes and hoses. These machines are made of too many components; but the mechanism is as simple as providing power by using a fluid / liquid as the fuel.

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