Brief Review of Yamaha R6 and Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja
Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja 300R

The Kawasaki bikes are another variety of high performance bikes which has recently launched the latest version of Ninja 2013. It is one of the most powerful motorbikes designed by the company. Although the Kawasaki Ninja 300R is similar to Ninja 250R in appearance, it is more powerful. It includes a number of high performance features which include 296cc engine and a maximum power of 38.46BHP at 11000rpm. This motorbike includes a parallel twin cooled and a 4 stroked engine. It delivers excellent performance according to the recent reviews. Some of the other features of Ninja 300R include wide rear tyre, dual throttle valves, dual headlights and so forth. It also includes a digital speedometer which guarantees better information.

The Kawasaki bikes are designed efficiently to suit racing roads and ordinary roads. The bike offers stress free and comfortable rides with its unique designs. It also offers excellent mileage and great performance.

Yamaha R6
Yamaha R6

Yamaha is one of the most reputed brands known for its trend setting designs and high performance bikes. The Yamaha R6 is one of the latest high performance bikes launched by this reputed brand of automobile industry. This bike is acclaimed all over the world for its unique features.

The Yamaha R6-Review

The Yamaha R6 is the first bike with certain unique features such as the fly-by-wire throttle system. Every year, this bike undergoes various modifications and a new variant is launched. The bike includes an advanced production of 600cc engine any company has ever built. It is light in weight and powerful.

The YZF R6 can be customized according to the desires of the rider. The exhaust of this exemplary motorbike is extraordinarily efficient. It is one of the motorbike parts which can be altered to change the appearance and efficiency of the bike. The exhaust can be modified for its performance and appearance. It also helps to save on fuel which is a major advantage due to the rising fuel prices. Some of the replacement parts weigh less than the original motorbike parts. So by customizing your Yamaha R6, it is possible to achieve lighter weight and greater aesthetics.

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