Agricultural Tools and Essentials – An Overview

Agriculture is still one of the prime sources of income in many countries round the globe. Owing to increasing population, the need for crops has also increased. For a long time, the sole energy behind agriculture has been manual strength and farm animals. However with the development of technology many agricultural tools are used these days to enhance agricultural production.

Some of the important tools needed by the farmers are sprayers, soil testing kit, irrigation pump, pickaxes etc. Farmers always choose products that have the assurance of durability and high quality as they usually do not buy these things frequently. The article lists some essential tools that help the farmers to produce greater quantity of crops.

  • Soil Cultivation Tools: High quality agricultural produce is only possible when the soil is enriched. This is possible today with advanced technology applied soil and land preparation tools. These agricultural tools especially help to remove weeds and other obstructions in the soil for harvesting. Such tools include mini tillers, rotovators, tractors, rototillers etc.
  • Sprayers: To enrich the soil, spraying of organic pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides over the soil and crops are very important. The sprayers are thus essential in an agricultural kit. There are different types of sprayers to suit specific purpose.
  • Soil Testing Kits: This is one of the most important agricultural tools invented for farmers. These useful kits are designed to investigate the pH value of soil to understand its nutrient value. The result helps the farmer to decide the quantity of other nutrients that has to be added in the agricultural land for improving productivity.
  • Organic Fertilizers: Once the nutrient value of the soil is understood, the next step is spraying fertilizers. Please note that any and every fertilizer is not applicable to all kinds of soil, only the correct one will help to improve the soil's productive quality. Organic fertilizers have greater benefits than traditional fertilizers; the organic ones are environment-friendly and also safe for the crops.

Farmers need many more tools for irrigation purpose; like the irrigation pumps that ensure the watering of the crops properly. Many types of irrigation pumps are sold in the market nowadays like centrifugal pumps, displacement pumps, and submersible pumps. Today many online stores sell affordable agricultural tools; however the quality needs to be judged well before purchase.

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